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The official tourist information site of Atami city tourism association which is full of useful information to help you enjoy your time in Atami, an onsen resort only 40 minutes away from downtown Tokyo.
The website includes information about seasonal firework displays, onsen hot springs, suggested itineraries, recommended spots to visit, and tasty food.

Come and see the best of what Atami has to offer!
The website is full of information about events held in Atami, sightseeing, and souvenirs.

The official website of Atami city.

Information about living in Atami, local events, various kinds of procedures etc. is listed on the website.

Information about Tourist Attractions

Izu-Taga Onsen

Only a one-minute walk from Hotel New Tomiyoshi, which is located right in the middle of Nagahama seaside park.

Nagahama seaside park is full of nature, including a 400 meter-long beach, a park with a lawn area, and promenade.
Getting to Izu-Taga onsen is easy as it right in front of the hotel. It is a great place to enjoy the refreshing Sagami bay sea breeze.
(Has 400 parking spaces)

Atami Castle

Standing on the picturesque Nishiki Gaura coastline, Atami castle boasts a wonderful 360-degree view of the sea, mountains, and beautiful nature from its tower.
Inside the castle, there are all sorts of displays to enjoy on every floor, including a Samurai culture museum with displays of arms, armor, and swords, and a Japanese castle museum with a variety of information about Japan’s castles.

MOA Museum of Art

30 minutes by train, bus etc. or 20 minutes by car.

With both incredible exhibitions and a stunning location, MOA Museum of Art is the best art museum in Atami.
The view out from the hillside is excellent, and we highly recommend paying the museum a visit.

Akao Herb & Rose Garden

The Japanese garden, Tensho, where you can enjoy one of the world's largest pine bonsai, "Ho-o no Matsu", is a must-see.
Enjoy the twelve beautiful landscape gardens created by mixed plantation of seasonal perennial herbs, including 3,000 roses and 30,000 herb trees of 1,500 species, which can only be seen here.


20 minutes by train, bus etc. or 15 minutes by car.

Hints of the architectural style of early- to mid-20th century Japan (Taisho and Showa periods) remain in this former holiday home, which is one of Atami’s three most celebrated villas.
The villa was reborn as a ryokan inn and came to be loved by many famous authors, such as Yuzo Yamamoto and Osamu Dazai. The grounds of Kiunkaku, which stretch to almost 10,000 m2 and have greenery-filled gardens, are currently open to the public as an Atami city designated tangible cultural property.

Himenosawa Park

30 minutes by train, bus etc. or 20 minutes by car.

A hillside park full of nature with cherry blossom, azalea, and hydrangea gardens, a rhododendron conservatory, and a bird-watching forest. A 3-kilometer hiking course runs between these nature spots. There also is a pottery center where you can try hand-molding and baking your own pottery works.