Izu-Taga Onsen, South Atami Lodging with Meals and Onsen New Tomiyoshi





This page lists guests’ frequently asked questions in question-and-answer format.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to use the “AI concierge” (click on the banner below) or contact us by phone or using the inquiry form.
How do I get to the hotel from Atami station?
Information about transportation to the hotel is below.

From Atami station you can either change to the JR Ito line or take a fixed-route bus (around 20 minutes).
If using the JR line, take the train two stops to Izu-Taga station (around 10 minutes).
We recommend taking a fixed-route bus as they run more frequently than JR trains and the distance you need to walk is shorter.

Taking the bus from Atami station
Atami station bus terminal is on your left after you pass through the ticket gates.
From the bus terminal, take a number 6-line bus bound for Ajiro Asahimachi and get off at Kaisuiyokujo bus stop (around 25 minutes).
Hotel New Tomiyoshi is in front of the bus stop.

Taking a taxi from Atami station to the hotel costs around 2,500 yen and takes around 15 minutes.
From Izu-Taga station it is a 10 to 15-minute walk to the hotel.
There are no taxis at the station.
To get to the hotel, leave the station and turn left, walk past the kiosk (which has a sign with directions to Hotel New Tomiyoshi) and down the hill. There are several telegraph poles with signposts that guide you to the hotel. Once you get to the National road along the coastline, turn right and proceed along the road for two to three minutes, past “Yadokari” and “Nagahama” hotels.
Hotel New Tomiyoshi is in front of the avenue of large pine trees that follows the road. We do not offer a pick-up service from the station, but we can take you by car to Izu-Taga station on your departure.
How can I use the chartered open-air onsen?
The highly popular chartered free-flowing open-air onsens with panoramic views, “Ten” (heaven), “Kai” (sea), and “Ku” (sky), can be used for free at any point during your stay.
Reservations are not necessary: if the onsens are vacant, you can use them anytime and as often as you like.

Onsen availability is displayed on notice boards on each floor.

We designed the three chartered open-air onsens,
“Ten” (Shigaraki ware bathtub),
“Kai” (Japanese umbrella pine bathtub),
and “Kuu” (Kiso “hinoki” cypress bathtub), to be efficient to use so that as many guests as possible can enjoy them.

At least one onsen is available at most times, so you can typically enjoy a relaxing dip without much of a wait.

Before proceeding to the roof (where onsens are located), make sure to check the onsen availability on the notice boards by the elevators on each floor.

Please also check the information posted on the first floor about sunrise position and timings and the weather forecast.
Are there any rooms where smoking is permitted?
Since 2018, smoking is prohibited in the hotel.
All guest rooms, restaurants, and hotel facilities are non-smoking.
Smoking is only permitted in the spacious 24-hour fully-air-conditioned smoking room near the first-floor lobby. Please be considerate of other hotel guests when using the smoking room as it is very close to the lobby, restaurants, bars, and karaoke box.
Can you arrange for a cake etc. for special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries?
We can arrange for birthday cakes, flower arrangements, bouquets, wine, champagne etc. upon request (reservation required).
We consult with you about timings to present the special items.

-Flowers in your room on arrival!
-Return to your room after dinner to find a birthday cake!
We prepare surprises for special, lasting memories.

We can supply a handmade cake decorated with fruits from Atami’s patisserie, Kashinoki . (Prices are excluding tax)
  • 3,300 yen … 12 cm round cake
  • 4,000 yen … 15cm round cake
  • 5,000 yen … 18cm round cake
  • 6,500 yen … 18 x 27 cm cake
Please notify us of the name to put on the cake and age (we will prepare candles) when you reserve.
This cake, with its exquisite pairing of delicately sweet cream and soft sponge, is highly rated by locals and recommended by the hotel manager.

We can provide original flower arrangements from Atami’s flower shop, Moe.(Prices are excluding tax)
  • 3,000 yen
  • 4,000 yen
  • 5,000 yen
You can also include a message card with the flowers.
The flower shop Moe is also famous with locals.
Can I order individual items from the menu separately?
The menu of items available for order separately is below.
  • Beef sukiyaki (2,160 yen per person)
  • Beef teppanyaki iron plate griddle (A4 grade Japanese beef sirloin) (2,160 yen per person)
  • Whole snow crab (2,160 yen per crab)
  • Grilled red king crab (4,320 yen per plate)
  • Broiled head of greater amberjack (4,320 yen per head)
  • Ise lobster served as fresh sashimi, or roasted in the shell, or boiled in the shell (6,480 yen per lobster)
  • Mixed rice and seafood in a small iron pot (1,080 yen)
  • Abalone served as sashimi, or grilled live on a barbecue (5,400 per abalone)
  • Turban shell snail served as sashimi, or grilled whole in its own shell (1,080 yen per snail)
And more…
What are children's meals like?
Details about children’s meals are below.。

The menu for elementary school students is almost the same as for adults, but grilled and boiled fish dishes are replaced with a kids’ plate which includes fried foods, such as deep-fried crab.
The menu comes to around eight items.
The sashimi platter serving includes portions for elementary school students.
Infants are given a lunch plate which includes fried items (shrimp, potatoes), sashimi, and a soft-serve ice cream dessert.

Individual Japanese-style breakfasts are served. The menu for elementary school students contains one to two items fewer than adult breakfasts.
Infants are given dried fish, slow-boiled eggs, seaweed, and seafood boiled in soy sauce.
Is the hotel wheelchair accessible?
Most rooms can be accessed in a wheelchair.
The only room with stairs is the first-floor pet-friendly room in the annex. Also, the restaurant has a step up to it, but it can be accessed in a wheelchair by using the wheelchair lift.
You can enjoy meals in the restaurant in your wheelchair.
The chartered panoramic open-air onsens can be accessed in a wheelchair but use of the “Hama no yu” bathing facility is not possible.
The Japanese-western style rooms with open-air onsen in the main building are barrier-free and fitted with accessible toilets. The open-air onsens on the wheelchair-friendly terraces have large bathtubs and handrails for easy and safe use. These spacious rooms have semi-double beds to allow guests to relax without worry.
Can my dog(s) stay with me?
Pets can only stay in the three western rooms with open-air onsens (with four beds) on the first floor of the annex.
Please inform us of the number of dogs accompanying you and their breeds and ages.
We will do our best to make your dog’s stay as enjoyable as possible.

We ask you to please be aware of the following points. Thank you for your cooperation.

●Requests for guests bringing pets
This hotel is not a specified pet accommodation facility.
Guests without pets also use the hotel, so please be considerate of the following points:
  • -Bring only well-trained dogs
  • -Move dogs inside the hotel by either carrying them or in a cage
  • -Bring only vaccinated and trained dogs
  • -Bring your own pet food
  • -Use a cage or carry bag when you are away from your room

●Items to bring:
  • Lead
  • Dog food
  • Dog cage or carry bag
  • Dishes for food

●Equipment for dogs in the hotel:
  • Hooks for dog leads
  • Dog toilet sheets
  • Deodorizing spray
  • Plastic bags for dog waste
  • Water bowls
  • Special non-slip floor tiles
In addition, please show your dog’s vaccination certificates for rabies and the combined vaccine at check in.
Please bring any necessary items not included in the hotel equipment list yourself.
Pets are not allowed in hotel facilities other than guest rooms, such as restaurants.
I would like to see the Atami fireworks festival. Do you offer a pick up and drop off service?
Hotel New Tomiyoshi offer the following free firework viewing tour on days that the Atami fireworks festival is held.
Depart from in front of the hotel at around 7:30 p.m.
Return to the hotel at around 9:30 p.m.
To fit with the departure time, dinner will be prepared slightly earlier at around 5:30 p.m. Reservations are required, so please inform us by email or phone by the evening of the day before the festival if you would like to participate in the tour.

■ How about watching the Atami fireworks festival from special viewing stands? (Free drop-off and pick-up)
Unfortunately, the fireworks cannot be seen from rooms in Hotel New Tomiyoshi as it is located 7 kilometers south of Atami city.
Therefore, we provide a free shuttle bus service from in front of the hotel on days of the fireworks festival.
We also prepare free seats in viewing stands in Atami with the best view of the fireworks on the coast.

Here, you can sit back and watch the festival at a leisurely pace; the fireworks go off and create and impressive display right above the viewing stands.
The powerful display packs a punch! A tour guide will accompany you on the day, so you are free to just relax and enjoy the experience.
Reservations are required, so please make sure to send us a message by the day before the festival saying that you would like to participate in the tour. The tour attracts lots of participants every year.

All hotel guests are welcome to take part in the tour.
If you apply for the tour on the day of the festival, there is a chance that buses etc. will not be available.
Please reserve the tour by email or phone when making your room reservation or by the day before your stay.

Create amazing memories at the best fireworks festival in Japan.
The sight of fireworks flying up in front of your eyes is truly gorgeous.
What tourist spots are there near the hotel?
For sightseeing in Atami city, we recommend the MOA Museum of Art, Kiunkaku villa, and the Akao Herb & Rose garden to start.
Further information can be found at
Atami News(http://www.ataminews.gr.jp/
Atami de Asobo! (http://www.atamideasobo.com/, Japanese website only

Also, Nagahama beach park, a 3-minute walk from the hotel, brings in crowds of beachgoers in the summer. Events and flea markets are held there throughout the year on an almost weekly basis. A local produce market is run on weekends. The park is perfect for enjoying a walk, and the large playground recently installed on the spacious lawn area is great for children. The park has a free parking lot (excluding the summer season) with two-hundred spaces, so access by car is easy.

If you do not have plans to go sightseeing, we recommend checking in early and enjoying the baths and relaxing in the hotel.
It is possible to check in anytime from 1 p.m.: your room will be made up and available from then.

Of course, you can also choose to not have a fixed plan and just see where your mood takes you on the day.
We hope you have a relaxing and enjoyable stay with us.
What services do you offer for guests who would like to go to the beach?
At Hotel New Tomiyoshi, we provide the following services for our guests so they can enjoy a convenient and pleasant time at the beach.

The sea is right in front of the hotel!
We provide convenient hotel services fitting for this location.

We can look after your car and luggage throughout the day from your arrival day to departure day.
This means you can go to the beach before you check in and after you check out.
We also have many other free services.

  • Shower stalls with warm water
    You can use the showers for free at any point from your arrival day to departure day.
    There are private spaces (three rooms), so you can change before going to the beach.
    You can use the high-speed drying machines installed next to the shower stands to dry wet swimwear.
    The excellent drying machines can dry swimwear to the point where only slight dampness remains.
  • Electric air pumps
    Blowing up inflatable swimming rings is a tough job (poor Dad!).
    Save your breath by using our two compact and powerful electric air pumps.
    Regular swimming rings can be inflated in around two to three minutes.
    Please contact the front desk to borrow electric air pumps.
  • Fully automatic washing machines
    No more scrubbing your swimwear in the bathtub.
    Instead, you can use the two fully automatic washing machines installed outside next to the bench in front of the parking lot.
    We do not supply detergent, so please buy your own at a nearby convenience store etc.
    You can use the washing machines at any time, even at night.

We have half-price coupons for the municipal parking lot next to the beach, so you pay 500 yen rather than the regular 1000-yen fee.
Please ask at the front desk for coupons.
Please use this parking lot if you have a lot of items to take to the beach.