Izu-Taga Onsen, South Atami Lodging with Meals and Onsen New Tomiyoshi





Enjoy our seasonal sea food course meals
Our special flavors can only be tasted here.
Relish the pleasures of travel with generous helpings of delicious cuisine.

Regular Dinner Menu

(Cooking example)
A platter of at least 5 types of Sashimi is included in the regular price.
(The photograph shows a portion for 2 people)

Sashimi platter

Appetizers, dashi stock dish, vinegared dish, grilled fish, boiled fish dish,
deep-fried dish, soup, pickles, dessert (soft-serve ice cream)

Regular Breakfast Menu

(Cooking example)
Start an enjoyable day on your trip with a healthy Japanese breakfast set.
Sun dried local horse mackerel, sakura shrimp and icefish boiled in soy sauce, freshly boiled young sardines and seaweed, salad, boiled seafood dish, slow-boiled egg, toasted seaweed, seaweed and jellyfish boiled in soy sauce, pickles, miso soup, vegetable juice, yoghurt with bitter orange marmalade

Additional Menu

Gourmet Menu Course Meal (from 2 people)

Our recommended upgrade menu with over 10 dishes, including a large seafood platter with Ise lobster and broiled sea bream head dish.
Extras, such as abalone (sashimi and live barbecue) and Ise lobster (thermidor-style or boiled in the shell), are included in the extra cost.
Please inquire for further details of the menu.
Per person
Additional 3,000 - 8,000 yen to regular course price.

Gourmet Package (for 2 people)
Additional 4,000 + yen/person.

Suggested Meal Plan for Food Lovers

Superb gourmet food! The plan includes broiled great amberjack head and a lobster platter

Our most popular menu: a definite recommendation! Includes a broiled Great Amberjack head and a Sashimi platter with Japanese Ise lobster.
Great Amberjack head is such a unique experience since can only be prepared so many.
You can also indulge in especially large Ise lobsters with this plan. The platter loaded with sashimi is definitely worth tasting.
Please have your fill of dynamic ten seafood dishes and onsen hot springs. 

Indulge in Shellfish ! Abalone and Turban shell snail gourmet food, cooked live on a barbecue, cooked in their own shells, and served raw Sashimi

This plan is for seafood lovers, with Ise lobster, Abalone and Turban shell snails served as sashimi, barbecued live, and cooked in their shells.

Enjoy this gourmet plan together with sashimi of local fish.
You can also indulge in especially large Ise lobsters with this plan.
The platter loaded with sashimi is definitely worth tasting.
Please have your fill of twelve seafood dishes of luxury fish cuisine and onsen hot springs. 

Gourmet plan of fish with Ise lobster, abalone, and local fish dishes prepared as you like

This plan is for perfect for seafood lovers who want to indulge.
With the additional menu you can choose your favorite ingredients.
-Sashimi platter of Ise lobster and luxury fish
-On the additional menu, you can select:
  Abalone live barbecue or sashimi (individual choice)
  Ise lobster thermidor-style or boiled in the shell (individual choice)
-For sashimi, choose either flounder, the king of white fish, or exquisite striped horse mackerel (overall plan choice)
  Choose the ingredients and how they are cooked, and enjoy the epitome of our gourmet plans.

Create your own plan. Enjoy an open-air bath with a sea view! Your own plan with sukiyaki (beef hot pot), beef teppanyaki (iron plate griddle), crab, Ise lobster dishes, all-you-can-drink options and a choice of facilities

An exclusive plan where you can choose what you do and eat during your stay. Pick and choose from the plentiful hotel facilities and food menus to create your perfect plan! Choose from Japanese-style tatami rooms, western rooms, combined Japanese-western rooms, rooms with open-air baths etc. depending on your needs and preferences.
Fill up on your choice of fish, meat, crab, shrimp etc. from the additional menu.

Other individual dishes

In addition to set course menus, you can also enjoy individual dishes. See here for details.