Izu-Taga Onsen, South Atami Lodging with Meals and Onsen New Tomiyoshi





Gaze at the ocean while bathing in a twenty-four-hour free-flowing onsen and enjoy a sense of release and ultimate relaxation.
”Ten” (Heaven),
”Kai” (Sea),
”Kuu” (Sky)

Three chartered natural free-flowing open-air onsens with panoramic views
The roofs and fences are retractable, so you can enjoy a fully open-air bath in good weather!
You can see Sagami bay below through 200-year old Japanese black pine trees and Ajiro town and Hatsushima island in the distance.
It is also possible to watch the sun rise from near Hatsushima while enjoying a bath.

Free use of open-air baths for staying guests:

Panoramic chartered open-air onsens ”Ten”, ”Kai”, and ”Kuu” (3 rooms) have free-flowing spring water and can be used 24 hours a day.

Garden-style open-air bath ”Hama no Yu” (in separate building)

”Hama no Yu” is the hotel annex bathing facility.

This bath can be used by hotel guests and drop-in visitors. The men's and women's baths are the same size and both have internal baths, sauna, and open-air baths.
Enjoy a unique atmosphere and experience at this annex.

The internal bath buildings are made entirely from Japanese cypress boards from waist-height up.
The bathtubs and washing areas use a combination of Izu stone and granite.

The rooms may feel a little cozy, but the high ceilings create a pleasant, open space that we think you will enjoy.

The open-air baths are made in a garden-style using gravel and natural stone so you can fully enjoy the comforting effect of relaxing in the onsen water while surrounded by nature.

Take your time and enjoy a relaxing in the baths with friends and family to your heart's content.

Reservation-only chartered open-air onsen are also available, so you have the option of spending your precious time with family and friends in even more luxury.

Hama no Yu  Fee

Hotel Guests Bath Hours AM 6:00〜 9:00
PM 1:00〜11:00

(Free except for chartered family open-air bath )

Family/Private Open-air Onsen Bath : ¥2,400 per 50 minutes (with guest discount)

Charter fee (including tax)

Visitors Bath Hours AM 11:00〜PM 10:00

¥1,000 (including tax), includes towel

Family/Private Open-air Onsen Bath : ¥3,600 per 50 minutes

Charter fee (including tax)

In-Rooms Open-Air Onsen Bath

Enjoy the ocean view bathed in the Shigaraki ware bathtub in open-air in your room (total of 16 Japanese-style, western, and Japanese-western rooms)

【3 Japanese-western style rooms (annex)】
【3 pet-friendly western rooms (annex)】
【7 western rooms (main building)】
【1 Japanese-style room (10 tatami mat size)】
Bathtub size : diameter 120 cm, volume 500 L
A comfortable size even for two people
【1 Japanese-style room (10 tatami mat room + 6 tatami mat room)】 Elliptical-shaped bath: 80 x 120 cm, volume 350 L
A comfortable size for one person
【1 Japanese-western style room (main building)】 Oval bath: 90 x 180 cm, volume 700 L
A large bath that can be used by families

Information about Hot Spring

Characteristics of the Spring Water Chloride hot spring  Sodium chloride and calcium chloride spring
Effects Good for relief from stiff neck and shoulders, skin disease, recovery from fatigue
Types of Bath Large bath, sauna, open-air bath, chartered indoor bath, chartered open-air bath
Amenities Hair dryer, body soap, shampoo, conditioner, cotton buds
Men's bath: hair tonic, hair lotion, aftershave lotion
Women's bath: makeup remover, facial cleansing foam, skin lotion, milky lotion
Bath Open Hours 6:30~9:00 13:00~23:00(for Visitors 13:00~22:00)
*Panoramic chartered open-air baths are available for 24 hours.